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I was 7 years old when I started writing children's stories. Now I am a middle-class,
middle child, middle-of-the-roader and I write about romance, espionage and lately...
my personal battle with Schizoaffective Illness!

Originally hailing from Cottonwood, Idaho, I have worked as a legal secretary, stockbroker, a telemarketer, an insurance agent and as an administrative assistant for the Central Intelligence Agency; all of which have strongly influenced my authorship subjects and styles.

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Published books

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Spies, Lies & Psychosis, a memoir, is about Joan’s time working with the Central Intelligence Agency, being betrayed by someone she loved and living with the schizoaffective disorder.


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Here’s what others have said about her book:

Kopczynski’s memoir bridges two seemingly unconnected subjects – espionage and mental illness…Reading this book can become a peak experience.

          - Robert Gover, author of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding and Time and Money.


Clarity and veracity define Kopczynski’s memoir of her journey through the throes of mental illness and espionage, with ardent roads of lost loves. 

          - Susan Jostrom - freelance writer and editor.


Kopczynski’s memoir compliments and defines all the most daring and uniqueness of schizoaffective disorders.  But, how she relates her story is the real key in her attempt to help others cope with this illness.  Although still much misunderstood and mysterious, Ms. Kopczynski masterfully lets her story be told.

          - Abe Ferris, author of Manic or Not Here I Come.

The Kopczynski Family History – 1800-1992

Written by Joan and brother Don.

Joan is using the research to write an historical novel about the 1867 immigration of August and Marie Kopczynski from Poland.

Available for online research.

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Non-published books

Santas Secret Keeper, by J.M. Kop, a childrens espionage Christmas story
Trust Me, by J.M. Kop, an espionage/romance suspense novel
The Raven Spy, by J.M. Kop, an espionage/romance suspense novel
The Mole, by J.M. Kop, an espionage/romance suspense novel
It's Only Temporary, by Joan Kaye, a comedy about telemarketing

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